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Free AWS Credits For Startups

Our tech startup clients and partners often ask us what their options are for getting credits. In reality, there are tons of opportunities for startup companies to get funds today. In our guides and know-how published in the Blog section, we will definitely address this issue as well. But in today's article, we are going to focus on those startups that have decided to use Amazon Web Services (AWS). So, if you are a young team in need of funding, in this guide we will show you how to get free AWS Credits for startups.

About AWS

First of all, let's understand together what AWS is. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a commercial public cloud from the world-renowned Amazon. This solution was presented by the company on the market in 2006. In turn, AWS provides users with services both on the infrastructure model (virtual servers, storage resources) and platform level (cloud databases, cloud linking software, cloud serverless computing, development tools).

Cloud computing refers to on-demand delivery of IT resources over the Internet with pay-as-you-use pricing. You don't have to buy, host, and maintain physical data centers and servers. Instead, you get access to technology services: computing services, storage, and databases that can be used as needed through a cloud service provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

How can AWS credits be used?

In practice, the credits act as coupons for a limited amount that can be spent on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The main advantage of these credits is that they are free, but it is worth noting that they have a limited validity period. So, for one or two years from the date of issuance until the expiration date, the credits can be fully utilized. In case you spend them sooner, they will also expire.

It's important to note that AWS credits are available for ongoing spending from the time you receive the credits. You will not be able to use them to cover spending from previous months before the credits are approved and credited to your account.

In addition, credits are accrued not in full, but in installments. In turn, the amount of each subsequent installment of credits cannot be lower than the previous one. Therefore, if you have already received a credit from AWS, for example, in the amount of 15000 dollars, then the next receipt you can not be credited with 5000 dollars. Accordingly, the next transaction will be for exactly more than $15000, until the maximum amount of credit approved for you is reached.

What perks does AWS have for startups?

AWS has worked with more than 250,000 startups in 15 years, successfully helping them launch and grow. AWS provides a wide range of services for startups. In addition to free credits, you can, for example, also get access to various discounts, expert advice, and useful events.

Options for getting free AWS credits for startups

There are several options for getting free AWS credits for startups. Let's explore them together!

AWS Activate Founders Program

The AWS Activate program is designed for startups that have not previously received funding from any institution. This program provides young teams with a number of development opportunities, such as expert support and training on scaling the business. But most importantly, you can get up to $1,000 in cloud infrastructure credits through this program.

Conditions for participation in the program are:

  • The startup must be self-funded
  • No previous credits under the program
  • No previous free vouchers received as part of the AWS Activate Portfolio package.
  • Have a company website or webpage
  • Have a valid AWS account

Read more on the AWS Startups page.

AWS Activate Founders Portfolio Program

The Activate Portfolio program is designed for young and growing startups that are already receiving funds from various AWS Activate program representatives. Thus, startups associated with various venture capital organizations, accelerators, incubators, or other companies that help startups grow have the opportunity to receive up to $100,000 in AWS credits.

Conditions for participation in the program are:

  • either unfunded or funded through pre-fundraising, business angel investment, seed, venture capital investment, and debt financing (Series A)
  • availability of a startup ID from the Activate provider
  • availability of a company website and LInkedIn profile
  • existence of a valid AWS account
  • confirmation that the amount of the granted or repaid AWS credit (under the AWS Activate program) is not more than 100,000 USD
  • the startup is no more than 10 years old

Read more on the AWS Startups page.

AWS Proof Of Concept Program

In this case, an organization can get a $1,000 credit and a free architecture analysis session. This is a measure implemented by AWS for those who don't yet understand how all these services can help an individual project or organization.

AWS Free Tier

This option represents the various free usage tiers available to both existing and new AWS customers. The Free Tier expires 12 months after you sign up for AWS. However, it's worth noting that these services most often have limits on storage usage or speed. For more information, see "AWS Free Tier: Questions and Answers".

AWS events

At AWS events, being part of the community gives you the opportunity to be among the first to learn about the company's special programs and receive free credits from these programs.

So is it worth the gamble?

In any case, even just having an AWS account and signing up for promotional emails will already give you the benefit of a variety of credit opportunities. There are times when special offers from AWS can be targeted and created specifically for you.

As you know, pleasant surprises for those who do not sit still, but act, often come from places you do not expect. Therefore, it is definitely worth trying all sorts of ways to grow.

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