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How to register IAM AWS

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

To register IAM AWS follow the steps:

  1. Go to the AWS Management Console (https://console.aws.amazon.com/) and sign in using your AWS account credentials.
    • aws
  2. Once logged in, search for "IAM" in the search bar at the top of the AWS Management Console, and click on the "IAM" service.
    • iam
  3. In the IAM console, you'll see a menu on the left-hand side. Click on "Users" to manage users.
    • users
  4. To create a new IAM user, click on the "Add user" button.
    • add users
  5. Provide a name for the user in the "User name" field. You can also select the access type. For this guide, we'll choose "Programmatic access" and "AWS Management Console access."
    • user access
  6. Under the "Console password" section, choose whether you want to auto-generate a password or set a custom password. If you select the auto-generate option, AWS will provide a temporary password for the user.
    • user password
  7. Next, configure the permissions for the user. You can either choose an existing group with predefined permissions or create a new group.
    • group user
  8. If you choose to create a new group, click on the "Create group" button. Give the group a name and attach policies that define the user's permissions. You can select from the existing policies or create custom policies.
    • create group for a users
  9. Once you've configured the user's permissions, review the settings, and click on the "Next: Tags" button if you want to add tags for the user. Otherwise, click on the "Next: Create user" button.
    • tag
  10. On the review page, you can verify the user's details and permissions. If everything looks correct, click on the "Create user" button.
    • create user
  11. You'll see a confirmation message along with the user's access key ID and secret access key. Make sure to download or copy these credentials as they will be needed to access AWS programmatically.
    • retrieve password

That's it! Now you know how to register IAM AWS. You have successfully registered an IAM user in AWS. Remember to securely store the access key ID and secret access key, as they are sensitive credentials for accessing your AWS resources.

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