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Inside the Team: Interview With Frontend Developer

As you know, any successful team is first of all a harmonious combination of qualified and experienced experts in their field. Long-term and trusting relationships with each member of our team are especially important to us. That's why it's time to start introducing you to our specialists! So, today we present to you a new format of "inside the team" interview with frontend developer Gennady, in which he will talk about his path in the Unlima team.

Interviewer: Hi, thank you so much for agreeing to this dialog! Can you tell us a few words about yourself? How old are you? What do you do now at Unlima? How did you start your journey as a developer and what was your previous experience before Unlima?

Frontend developer: Hi! My name is Genadiy, 22 years old, at the moment I work as a Front-end developer on different projects and technologies, from web sites to mobile applications.

I started my journey at the beginning of my university studies - then I definitely decided to become a Front-end developer. The start was a couple of courses, which I took not that tightly, but returned to them regularly. In general, I studied leisurely.

Time passed and at the same time I got skills in Web. And in the last year of university I got a job in a small studio, where my friend was already working. There I got commercial development experience for the first time. It was a good experience and there I also studied Wordpress development on a basic level.

Then I started to move on and studied the first framework that I liked and even now it is to my liking - Vue. I studied it right as I was writing my diploma, a kind of speedrun.

And after finishing my bachelor's degree, I found out about working here.

Interviewer: Wow, you've been on a really interesting path! What do you like about your current job at the company?

Frontend developer: The most important thing for me is the ability to try out where to go deeper in my work, as well as the rapid growth of skils.

Interviewer: Thank you for your honest answer! Could you please tell us about interesting projects you had to work with at Unlima?

Frontend developer: You can cite any of them as an example, because every new project has something unique that the others did not have. And the main thing is that it is new:

  • KibCab - a mobile cab app. Increased my experience in developing mobile applications on Flutter, solving non-standard tasks.
  • Robodance - working with crypto. It was a pleasure to work there, as the architecture was thought out particularly well.
  • Unlima - our website with various animations and 3D graphics. We experimented a lot there!

Interviewer: That's a cool set of projects! How have your skills changed over the last year? Who do you see yourself as in the next 2-3 years, continuing to work in the Unlima team?

Frontend developer: My range of skills has expanded a lot in the meantime, and now I've become more of an independent unit. I would like to emphasize that my soft-skills have grown a lot. Of course I want to see myself in the role of senior in the next few years.

Interviewer: And lastly, I would like to ask you: are you happy with your decision to join the Unlima team?

Frontend developer: Definitely, yes!

In the future, we plan to continue to introduce you to members of our team. This format of interviews with our employees seems optimal to us, because it is actually a specialist's first-hand revelations about himself and his role in the team.

We are happy to talk with you!

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