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Levincast: Creating an App to Track YouTube Trends

Earlier in our Blog we already told you the story about the development of a platform called Viewgin with a dashboard B2B, which uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze trends and then make recommendations for improving content. If you suddenly missed our story about the development of this application, we recommend you read it.

Today we’ll talk about another of our developments called Levincast Kids, designed to similarly “curb” YouTube algorithms. Our client has been producing children's content on YouTube for many years. As you know, children's content is a special story with a specific scope and extremely limited analytics data. All this definitely makes it difficult to work with standard YouTube analytics tools. In turn, we created the Levincast Kids platform to track YouTube trends and provide advanced analytics with the ability to generate ideas for new content.

Levincast: Development Process

Our team was given an extensive task - to learn how to track children's trends and new popular content creators. At the very beginning of the work, we clarified with the client all the basic requirements for the product, and also, based on individual wishes, compiled the technical characteristics of the product. In turn, at the end it was important to get an application with maximum performance and real efficiency for the user. Thus, the task was clear and the Unlima team immediately got to work.

We used Figma to develop mockups and prototypes of the application. As a result, an optimal visualization of the user interface was developed from the point of view of both ergonomics and presentability. The frontend, developed in Vue.js, brilliantly brought all the layouts into reality. The Node.js backend provided the required system performance and overall reliability.

In terms of performance, thanks to the AWS-based architecture, we were able to create a scalable and truly flexible application. The most important application criterion identified by the client was successfully implemented. Even when the number of users suddenly explodes, AWS infrastructure delivers consistently high performance without any hitches. By the way, earlier in our Blog we talked about how startups can get free AWS credits to use their infrastructure.

Fast access to information and compatibility with a variety of tools have been achieved thanks to the PostgreSQL database. With the help of this platform, data processing and storage processes have become guaranteed secure.

Meanwhile, the functionality of the application has been significantly expanded by integrating a wide range of features. This was made possible using the REST API, which ensured efficient data exchange with various services and platforms.

Additionally, we integrated the YouTube API into the app to get real analytics deployment. Our team has systematized the collection of relevant data for analytics and accelerated the process. As a result, the output delay when new videos appeared on YouTube was only 1 ms.

Results of Creating The YouTube Trend Panel

It is noteworthy that it took us 1 month to create the platform. In turn, a team of:

  1. 1 backend developer (Senior with Node.js expertise);
  2. 1 frontend developer (Vue, Junior);
  3. DevOps (Middle);
  4. designer (Figma);
  5. QA tester and the project manager.

Perhaps the main indicator of the success of this project is the fact that today the Levincast Kids application has been operating confidently with our support for a year after its launch. While more than 100 users, including our client, use the application daily and effectively upgrade their marketing strategies, reaching new heights on YouTube.

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