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Viewgin: Platform to Freed Creative Processes

Tasks to be solved

In the last five years, social media has become an essential aspect of our lives, completely transforming the landscape of business and marketing. Based on 2020 statistics, the social platform YouTube boasts a staggering two billion monthly active users, with 51% of them visiting the site on a daily basis. TikTok, on the other hand, has secured the number one position among the most downloaded apps. In 2020, a client approached us with the problem of controlling key metrics and managing YouTube channels. The client's portfolio had more than 20 channels. They were in Google Sheets, where managers manually collected all the statistics and updated it daily. Also, the client was gradually increasing the number of networks in which he was present and it was necessary to urgently scale from the tables .The main difficulties that the client described at the stage of preparation are: difficulties in maintaining YouTube, Instagram, TikTok company in one place, filtering and management of existing content, deep and detailed analytics. Let's tell you how we developed the Viewgin platform to freed creative processes.

Development process.

Our team was tasked with developing a product that would meet the client's needs and address their current requirements - channel management. During the initial communication with the client, we gathered the essential product requirements and created its technical specifications. The dashboard was designed to display key metrics for the main channels, utilizing the YouTube API, and enabling channel management without the need to use YouTube Studio.

We have developed a B2B dashboard called Viewgin, aimed at analyzing channel metrics and providing comprehensive management for various YouTube channels. It utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze trends and subsequently generate content improvement recommendations.

We worked on the dashboard exclusively with the official YouTube API client. Then, after the release of B2B during the first six months, we started to develop B2C, significantly expanding the number of networks and work with their API. The final release of the application included YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok. 

The first phase of B2B development took our team 3 months to get the first working dashboard. The second stage of B2C product development and its description took 10 months.

The project team consisted of 11 members:

  • 2 backend developers (Senior and Junior with Node.js expertise);
  • 2 frontend developers (Angular, Middle, and Junior);
  • DevOps (Middle);
  • designer (Figma);
  • QA tester and the project manager.

We decomposed the initial technical specifications into milestones that were clear for both development and the client, and then further broke them down into tasks. Collaboratively, we established a development roadmap with a release schedule.

Our team gave priority to creating a user-friendly and intuitive interface, and payed special attention to the client's needs. The development team breathed life into these interfaces, optimizing them for different devices and performance levels, resulting in a unique application called Viewgin. This application now aids channel managers in monitoring channel metrics, tracking trends, and generating reports for their business tasks.

The Unlima team used their decomposition skills to split the client-side into many modules. Thus, we ensured fast loading of the interface on any device with various capabilities.

Our goals was: 

  • We parsed over 2 00 000 YouTube channels and processed this information in real time.
  • And sound 1 000 000 accounts in other social networks like: Twitch, Instagram, TikTok.
  • We checked all countries for trends and caught rising stars and new popular creators.
  • Helped the client stay at the top of trends more than 5 times a week.
  • Created an algorithm to help the client customize content for their audience.
  • Provide insights from our AI algorithm.

Our team fully met the client's request and relieved them of the hassles associated with content management and analytics. We successfully created a platform for comprehensive social media management – from statistics and market analysis to channel management and round-the-clock monitoring. This, in turn, aids in account promotion and the development of effective marketing strategies

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