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  • Android Studio

In recent years, the global transportation landscape has undergone a revolutionary transformation, marked by the rapid rise of ride-hailing applications that have reshaped the way people move from one point to another. As this technological wave swept across various corners of the world, it was only a matter of time before it reached the enchanting northern part of Cyprus. Against the backdrop of its rich history and breathtaking landscapes, a groundbreaking endeavor emerged – the development of the first taxi app tailored specifically for the northern region of this captivating island.

Our team took part in the development from scratch of a taxi booking app for the northern part of Cyprus. The client provided the design and our team took the responsibility of developing both the driver and passenger application and the web management system. We helped our client in solving all the business problems and provided them with support.


Co-founder and CEO

The Unlima team strives in professionalism, they have made sure to understand every last detail of what we wanted for our taxi application, and have absolutely succeeded our expectations when it comes to support and response time.

Our clients came to us with a request to create an app within a limited timeframe and a limited budget.

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