Levincast Kids: YouTube Trends Dashboard

  • Node.js
  • Vue
  • Stripe
  • 1 month of developing

Our client has been producing children's YouTube content for many years.

Children's content is a separate application and limited analytics data, which undoubtedly makes it difficult to work with standard analytics tools on YouTube.

The task set before our team is to learn to track children's trends and new popular content creators.

Sergey Dolgov

Chief Operating Officer, Levincast

Unlima team fully met our needs. They created a Levincast kids app that provides inspiration and ideas for the next kid-friendly video and helps keep their content fresh.

Our technical solutions were focused on maximizing the efficiency
and performance of the application.

• Client side development with Vue.js - provided a user-friendly interface

• Backend development with Node.js - ensured system performance and reliability

• Processing data and securing it using PostgreSQL database - fast access to information, reliability and compatibility with multiple tools

• Ensuring efficient data exchange with various services
and third-party platforms using REST API - integration of various functionalities and general expansion of the application functionality

• Architecture Building based on AWS - scalability
and performance adaptation of the application in proportion
to the growth of the user base

• Integration of Youtube API - updating data and statistics
to create full-fledged content analytics

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