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Nowadays, immersive art is rapidly gaining popularity among connoisseurs all over the world. Immersive installations, shows, theatres, cinemas and paintings are distinguished by their special scale, multi-screen, vivid effects, modern technologies and innovative ideas. Our client Museum Nou approached us with the complex task of developing the entire visual identity for an immersive art centre in Barcelona, Spain.

In particular, we were commissioned to create animations for the installations in the museum, to develop animations for the web showing the concept of the exhibitions, and to create a website for the museum. Obviously, all of this should be reproduced in one unique author's style. After agreeing all the nuances of interaction with the client, we enthusiastically got to work.

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Born in Barcelona in 2008 as an underground art collective, the living being called “NOU” is made
of hundreds of artists and storytellers from all over this universe. Together, we imagine and create new immersive worlds to explore.

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