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In 2021, a client approached us with the problem of controlling key metrics and managing YouTube channels. The main difficulties that the client described at the stage of preparation are: difficulties in maintaining YouTube, Instagram, TikTok company in one place, filtering and management of existing content, deep and detailed analytics.
Our team was tasked with developing a product that would meet the client's needs and address their current requirements - channel management. Thus came the idea to create a Chrome extension for YouTube and TikTok that would allow you to work with tags, watch competitors, and access information from the Viewgin Trends database - Viewgin Eye.

Sergey Dolgov

At the time of the extension development request, we had already worked with this team and knew we could rely on them. As a result, in just 2 weeks we got a fully working extension that made our work easier!

It took our team a week to create
the extension. After finalizing
the development and thorough testing, the extension was added
to the Chrome Extension Store.

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