Viewgin Web App

  • Angular.js
  • Node.js
  • Youtube API

Our team was tasked with developing a product that would meet the client's needs and address their current requirements - channel management. During the initial communication with the client, we gathered the essential product requirements and created its technical specifications. The dashboard was designed to display key metrics for the main channels, utilizing the YouTube API, and enabling channel management without the need to use YouTube Studio.

Sergey Dolgov

We work with Unlima’s development team since 2020 and there has never been a task that the team could not cope with or find an alternative solution satisfactory to all parties of the project.

Our team gave priority to creating a user-friendly and intuitive interface, and payed special attention to the client's needs.

We decomposed the initial technical specifications into milestones that were clear for both development and the client, and then further broke them down into tasks.

We worked on the Viewgin dashboard exclusively with the official YouTube API client. Then, after the release of B2B during the first six months, we started to develop B2C, significantly expanding
the number of networks and work with their API.

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